Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Best Trip to NYC

Ok so let me give you the time line on this crazy weekend... July 21st weekend. Get into NYC Friday nigh at 1:30 drop off back and head to Meat packing and Ganz. Get sauced and party till 5am. Get up next morning 10am hit local dinner by my apartment, upper eastside. Get in my truck pick up the boyz and head to Hamptons.
1:30 at Bridge Hampton rocking VIP with the VIP of NYC IE; Reggie Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderama and Leven Rambin (all my Children) ect...

Free BBOOOZZZZEEEE getting ugly. Finish up there at 7pm, head to the beach for Allure Magazine party. Hang with the like of Richard Gere, Uma (thats right and there are pics online lol..) PatrickMcmulan.com, Sat with Rachel Weiss for that killer meal and more free boozzzzeeee.

Then of to Stereo house (secret Local) to party with Wilmer Valderama and some of our friends (p.s. check out his new clothing line coming soon..) Retro kids where sporting some hot shit... Then off to Stereo Hampton location to drink the night away with Wilber and the crew. Retro kids holding it down on the dance floor Fo sho!!! By the way the kid 12 or 14 yrs old rolled all night and was macking chicks like crazy. (got back to Manhattan for 7am.)

No sleep just eats and off to project show on the westside. The Project show was weak but still worth the trip. They guys at Sci Fen where doing some great stuff for next year along with Marc Ecko, Addidas, Reebok and others. Then dinner and off to the Live Mechanics and free gold watch party.

I have to say after that Going out here was ruined for a while.